Communication power technology trends.

Communication power in the overall development of our country how? The problems to be solved? What are the latest relevant technology advances? Stage communication power technology going? Common consternation for the readers of these subject areas, the reporter went to Cina before the opening of the marketing and sales communications equipment technology exhibition, via personal experience and communication, understand the communication power source hot technology at the present step of progress and the scenario of production.

Communication technology to the diversification involving power rapidly.

Communication network development through the alternate of air separation through the simulation-based T DM Trade network, the real number of hours long process involving development. The new centuries, NGN Research and business oriented applications is becoming hot. Consequently, also requires the speedy development of communication power supply technology to cope with network evolution. This reporter found that, as a basis for the applying communication power, it is changes and technology in numerous speed and other products, including it is not the core network, access network and port equipment, as rapid development, but this does not mean stagnation Power Sources or woefully outdated one. In the exhibition field, we see Emerson, power resource, Part Chinese technology companies have shown the charged power regarding diversification of products or even full power solution, where we can see clearly, the whole power supply technology toward multi-communication technology development. In distinct products, the continuing company exhibited to the target audience AC / DC transferring power supply, DC suggestions DC switching power offer, UPS, AC variable occurrence power supply, sine samsung s8500 inverters and other new products, in accordance with experts, in addition , electric functioning power, high frequency rectifier inverter Welding Power, high-power high-frequency high-voltage DC power source, chemical supply, and the environmentally friendly line with the trend regarding development Illumination Power, blowing wind and solar power provide, continues to be into the spotlight also. Corresponding to these goods, high frequency conversion technology, almost all resonant high frequency soft swap technology, power conversion technology and other advanced technologies are generally emerging, the emergence of the technologies to ensure the smooth movement of the entire communication network has made a great contribution.

Higher efficiency is the inevitable pattern of development of communication power.

Constant research and development of recent high-performance devices, the actual emergence and application, encourage the upgrading of power products, the charged power of the changing frequency is increasing. At present, power supply switching frequency as much as 300kHz ~ 400kHz degree, and small power source has been achieved 1MHz changing frequency, and increased power density, that progress and development involving power technology plays a crucial supporting role. In addition , the particular insulated gate bipolar receptor (IGBT), power field-effect diffusion (MOSFET), the latest magnetic Transformer and supplies The application of new technologies in addition greatly enhanced power productivity. During the check out, the reporter learned that soft-switch technology, the class leading issue of quasi-resonant technology research has become mature along with stable, which is common resonant transformation phase resonant, zero-switching PWM, zero-transition PULSE WIDTH MODULATION, etc . new theory involving topology, their focus is always to reduce the hard-switching mode, the final opening of the power unit, the switching devices over the switch voltage up or down and current upward / down wave earned by wear and tear and sounds overlap, and zero-voltage or zero current switching, decrease losses and improve power systems stability and productivity. In short, the road towards the development of high efficiency not only in the actual enterprise, Procedure The vital interests with the continuing business, but also according to a national call to make a conservation-oriented society.

Marketing and sales communications network power management heading.

With the increasing popularity of Web technology and the continuous development of information processing, communication devices from the previous stand-alone as well as small local systems development Tai LAN systems, WAN systems, so support the actual protection of telecommunications airport equipment, the web aspects of electronic switch power supply must have the data digesting and communications capabilities, including techie personnel can make the network at any time Monitor Power products operation status and the specialized parameters of the smart interface, with all kinds of protection, information and alarm information storage space, processing, printing and other features, and enables network specialists to exchange or preparation time frame switches Electricity Source of the actual remote switching machine feature. Show, we come across the Emerson Network Energy Monitoring System, which relates to all kinds of power stations intended for Telecommunication equipment and its setting in real-time monitoring as well as unified management. Around the power management problem, the pros said, together with the power management system, monitoring nonstop improvement, we can achieve below different circumstances and flexible useful resource allocation, unified management, as a way to ensure Telecommunications System stability.

Communication to achieve full electronic digital power control.

At the present site, we come across a digital power control engineering also. On-site complex staff to reporters with regards to the construction of communication systems in China have their personal coin, since many areas such as habitat and are relatively backward financial system, communications amenities in those areas that has complex, booming sparsely, traffic annoyance, no doubt increase of communication facilities, including maintenance of power systems communication difficulties, within this full case, digital technology on standard simulation technology to show the benefits can not be achieved.

Computer Network Topology.

The way in which how computer connect the other is called topology of network. Network topology refers to how physical structure of the network is prepared. It is very important choose the right topology for how network shall be used. Each topology has many characteristic. To obtain the right topology we must start to see the factors that influenced that. The variables are the layout, cost installing, sort of cable and troubleshooting methods. All these factors determine how network will probably be established and how much should it cost.

The most common topologies.

Bus Physical Topology-Best utilised in small area of network. Car topology known in Apple pc world as daisy-chaining likewise. In the bus topology the actual cable runs from pc to computer making every single computer a link of a sequence. Different types of cable determine tool for network can be connected. If the network using Thicknet coaxial cable, the particular bus network will have some sort of central backbone cable subsequently. If you employing smaller cable (Taps) it’ll have backbone to each PC from the network. The biggest problem with car topology is that if it’s definitely not terminated correctly then your network can’t transmit correctly. Legend Topology-In the star topology, each server and workstation connected into central centre that provides connection to another gadget connected to the hub and it designs like a star. This type of topology are easy to work with and can pin number point problem location in addition isolate problem if it occours on workstation. A large number of electrical wires needed to connect the network is it’s major negative aspect. Ring Topology-A ring network is a topology of personal computer networks where each end user is connected to two different users, so as to create a wedding ring. The most popular example is a symbol ring network. It is not trusted due to inefficient compared to various other topology because the data need to travel through more node. The main advantages of this topology is every node have equal entry and capable of high speed data also can span larger than additional topology. The disadvantage is the engagement ring topology is a very expensive technology and not efficient. Besides that topology there are uncommon topology being used in public for example nylon uppers and fully connected topology that are mostly used in armed service technology since they are very effective technology and yet very expensive.